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in linux,

if a user belongs to 2 groups. 1 group gives the user access to a file (say read) the other group doesn't allow them access.

Is there a way to deny access to a file EVEN if a group the user belongs to is giving him read access?

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The normal way to do this would be to create two groups, one which said user is a member of, and one which that user isn't, and assign the groups accordingly.

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Last I knew this wasn't possible.

If the user shouldn't have access, then the user shouldn't belong to that group / role or the group / role shouldn't have access.

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File permissions have only one group-id field. Which means the file can be accessed if the user belongs to that group. Other belongings do not affect it.

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This isn't possible with built-in Linux permissions.

POSIX ACL, on Linux, doesn't allow this either.

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