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What’s your favorite ticketing system?

I was wondering if somebody could recommend me a very user friendly or simple general purpose ticketing/tech support system. I need something that is web based, preferably open-sourced/free software implemented using PHP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails or Java (as back end) with MySQL or PostgreSQL as database engine.

I need something that is not development management oriented or project management oriented like Eventum or similar (random example), something to which the user can connect open a tech support request and be able to follow it until is solved or dropped.I need it to be open-sourced to be able to modify it if there is a need or extend it.

I tried a number of such systems available and I found that osTicket or eTicket is something that it's close to what I need, but the code is somewhat flaky and some of the features are working badly or behaving strangely. Any thoughts/advice where to find something similar? Thanks!

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Well, I've used Request Tracker (RT) in the past with good success. It's written in perl and uses mysql for the backend. Some of the configuration can be a bit difficult to figure out but once you have it running it is very reliable.

I particularly like the email ticket submission mechanism in RT. You can tell users to just email their requests to a special address and RT very transparently handles turning that into a ticket.

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You may want to take a look at the following two ServerFault threads for some inspiration: http://serverfault.com/questions/43072/whats-your-favorite-ticketing-system http://serverfault.com/questions/89761/good-free-helpdesk-software

As well as looking at the following site (since open-source is a priority for you): http://www.opensourcehelpdesklist.com/

Those links should at least give you the good base of products to explore further. I'm sure at least one of them has to be simple and user friendly. =)

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One of the simplest and nicest that I used in the past is: The Bug Genie I found it very cool.

(I use Redmine today as it's more geared towards development, and also used Trac in the past.)

Hope it helps, Cheers!

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Might RT be what you are looking for?

(Well, written i Perl, but otherwise it might fit your request.)

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We looked at RT but decided it did more than we required for a help desk system so we installed OS Ticket and it seems to do everything we need.


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Spiceworks is NOT open source, but works very well. It runs on Windows using Mongrel ball user requests and handling of tickets is through your browser. It's free because it is ad-supported, but if that bothers you, install Ad-Block Plus for Firefox and block away.

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