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Is there a recommended known-to-work way of caching a WordPress site running on Apache Httpd 2? Should I use a plug in or cache in Apache Httpd? If in Apache Httpd, should it be disk or memory cache? If as a plug in, which one?

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WP-SuperCache is the defacto standard for caching WordPress pages and provides a good deal of flexibility.

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With Apache's mem cache: 1.32 requests/sec, without it: 1.33 requests/sec. With WP-Super-cache: 1759.05 requests/sec (measured with ab -n 100 localhost). Wow! Thanks. – J. Pablo Fernández Dec 11 '09 at 1:46

WP Super Cache as the others have said is a great plugin and works well. You may also want to consider doing some caching at the database level, a little love given to mysql can go a long way on a busy site, mysqlreport is a great tool for understanding all the knobs and dials for tuning mysql.

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My general experience is that the application level is a good place to start doing cache. It is the application which has the necessary information to do the smart choices.

Without have any specific experience of caching Wordpress the plugin WP Super Cache does look like a good option do consider. Not only is it well maintained, it also supports generating static html, which will save a lot of load on your web server.

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