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So I want deploy a WPA2-Personal SSID that our managed clients will already have the network settings setup for(windows vista and windows 7 x64). I also want to deploy the network configuration via gpo so I can avoid touching the hundrids of machines. However I can't find how to make the gpo take the PSK. I've read articles saying that GPOs can't do that but I havn't found any way to manually add the network config in via scirpt or anything like that.


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There isn't an officially Microsoft-supported way to distribute a pre-shared key w/ group policy. Trying to do it with registry hacking, I suspect, is going to lead to misery. Perhaps you should think about 802.1x and give up on PSK.

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Humm.. Okay I'll look into that again and what it'd take. Thanks, – Robert Dec 14 '09 at 16:45

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