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For there a way to set it so that every table that gets created is innodb?

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Edit your my.cnf file to set following in the [mysqld] section (or the section your MySQLd reads):


After restarting the MySQL server, InnoDB should be the new default. To verify this, run the SQL statement:


...The InnoDB line should be indicated as DEFAULT.

Note that the default-storage-engine option is just an alternate name for default-table-type.

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@lockie i couldnt find my.cnf file plz help me... – Oscar Apr 12 '10 at 5:33

Yes, you can



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default-table-type is a deprecated synonym for default-storage-engine, and may cause MySQL to not start on 5.x. See here – nojak Jan 13 '15 at 17:00

I want to my Clustered Node to work like when I create a new database It won't get replicated. Normally after having the above mentioned attribute set 'default-storage-engine=INNODB', When I create a table without mentioning the engine it is not replicated to the other node, that is fine. But Why does the database gets created on other nodes?

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