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Are there any good books for linux ubuntu sever out there?

I'm not sure if "The Official Ubuntu Server Book" is any good and I don't want to order a-waste-of-time. What I would really like is one that explains the ins-and-outs of commands. How to manage and maintain a secure box; explaining iptables, downloading form the net and unpacking compressed files, moving directories ect.

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Sounds like you actually want a general linux administration book, not something specific to Ubuntu. In all actuality, aside from a few distro-specific commands for installing packages, managing rc/init scripts, managing an ubuntu server is just like managing any other linux distro.

So, for a general linux administration book, I'd highly recommend the Rute Tutorial. Yes, it's been around for over 10 years now, but the basics of managing a system haven't changed. There is still a ton of great information in Rute, and what you learn from reading it will be applicable to any linux system you touch going forward.

For a quick guide on IPTables, I'd recommend IPTablesRocks. That will give you a good overview of IPTables' structure, and from there, you can either roll your own firewall rules or use one of the many IPTables "helper" scripts.

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There's a nice book on Amazon: Ubuntu Hacks: Tips & Tools for Exploring, Using, and Tuning Linux.

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The Official Ubuntu Server Book (2nd Edition) looks like it might be worth checking out.

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