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Are there any companies that offer shared .NET 4 hosting?

I know its still in beta, but from about hours worth of searching, I only found that ASPHostCentral.com offers it. MaximumASP.com and DiscountASP.net currently only offer sandboxing plans.

I don't want to get a dedicated server or VPS since my website has low traffic.

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I work for DiscountASP.NET. We do offer a free asp.net 4 sandbox hosting but we do not offer asp.net 4 on our production servers. We just think that it is not wise to put beta software on a production box when there is no official support from Microsoft and it can still change.

If you want to play with new beta stuff with your own production site, then you should get your own dedicated server so you are the only site affected - but we cannot take the risks of beta software with thousands of paying hosting customers on our shared hosting platform.

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An alternative is Arvixe Web Hosting which has .NET 4.0 and everything I wanted for a low price.

DiscountAsp.net is very expensive as soon as you need a database. No MySQL hosting and Microsoft SQL Server is $10-$20 extra per month.

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DiscountAsp has a .NET 4 sandbox/beta thing going on. I think its the only available option right now:


DiscountAsp is pretty dependable at always having the latest frameworks/CTPs/Betas around. I believe they supported MVC well before it was released.

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Yeah, I'm currently using discountasp.net's sandboxing and it works great (their MSDepoly actually works!), but I'd rather do my "sandboxing" in a "live" environment, if that makes any sense. –  Omar Dec 12 '09 at 6:18
Oh, sorry, didn't see you mentioned it already. –  jfar Dec 12 '09 at 6:18
I linked the sites, my fault for not making it more readable. –  Omar Dec 12 '09 at 6:21

If you need a place to host your .NET 4 site or even you just want to try this new framework, you can always consider shared hosting plan with ASPHostPortal.com. They have supported this latest framework on their Windows Server 2008 environment. You can start to host your site from as low as $5.00/month only. Good luck :)

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