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Once there are several hundred adhoc machines being brought up, each with a unique name. Their hostname gets added to the DNS.

Then upon TTL expiring, will the DNS entry still be reachable, or if the host has been down for some-time, it [dns-entry] will be cleared?

What's the best way to manipulate these timeouts?

Thank you.

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Thanks for saying what you run. That helps a lot :)

ISC DHCP and BIND are sort of hands-off with each other. DHCP will maintain the DNS records, but BIND will not automatically expire them. However, DHCP should.

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My apologies. You are correct. Am using bind 9.5.2 and dhcpd 4.0.0 – romant Dec 14 '09 at 21:24

DNS will tomb stone the record and they will then be removed from DNS.

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