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How to write a bash command for accessing a remote MySQL server?

If I try

    mysql -host -port 3306 -u root -p 1234

it prompts the password and after I type in the password it considers 1234 as a database name and claims that there's no such database.

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Try the "--pasword=" syntax, instead. In fact, use the "--database=" syntax, as well. In scripts, I prefer the explicit, long-form options, as they're more self-documenting.

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As Geoff Fritz said, you can use the --password= syntax, but that's insecure. You're better off using MySQL configuration files, like this:


Name this file .my.cnf, put it in your home directory, and give it 600 permissions so that no one can you but read it. See the MySQL reference manual.

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Just remove the space between the "-p" and the password. i.e. -p1234

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