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The default website for my IIS (windows 7) shows a login box everytime you try to browse it. When I press cancel, I get a 401 error.

How do I remove this and allow anyone to access anything on my IIS? Default website, virtual applications, etc.

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In IIS click the default website, then in the right panel double click authentication. Anonymous Access should be set to enabled.

*please note these directions are specific to Windows 7

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You might also need to go the the folder of the default website and give the IIS User and IIS Application user privileges to the folder.

I am not sure what Windows 7 calls these users, but they should start with an I.

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It's possible - however by default this should be set. That being said the Anonymous Access should have been enabled by default as well, so it's hard to say. – Dave Holland Dec 15 '09 at 4:44

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