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I am using iconv installed with macports as well as the default iconv that comes with OSX. I want to use a certain encoding - sjis-win, which is not one of the supported encodings. On Linux, there are many more supported encodings.

So I am wondering if I need to reinstall iconv or if there is a way to enable more encodings.

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OS X 10.6's system-provided iconv does have the sjis-win encoding, but it's not aliased to that name.

On FreeBSD:

$ iconv -l | grep -i sjis-win

Those are all the aliases of sjis-win. We see that this encoding is also known as code page 932. So on OS X:

$ iconv -l | grep 932

The version of iconv included in OS X does have the sjis-win encoding, but you need to refer to it as cp932 because that's the only alias listed.

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