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With gzip you can do something like this:

gzip -c file1 > output.gz
gzip -c file2 >> output.gz
gzip -c file3 >> output.gz

and when you uncompress output.gz it will contain concatenated values of file1 file2 and file3.

Can the same be done reliably with bzip2? I can't find any mention of this in bzip2 docs, but maybe I'm just bad at reading/understanding?

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bzip2 apparently works the same way as gzip for that operation, even using the same -c option. From the bzip2 man page:

       bunzip2 will correctly decompress a file which is the concatenation  of
       two  or  more compressed files.  The result is the concatenation of the
       corresponding uncompressed files.  Integrity testing (-t)  of  concate‐
       nated compressed files is also supported.
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Thank you - missed this somehow. – user13185 Dec 15 '09 at 16:14

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