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I have VPS hosting with WHM/cpanel. I want to manage the billing of sites hosted with WHM.

Is there any feature in WHM so that I can charge my clients


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To my knowledge, WHM does not contain any billing functionality. However, there are several billing software packages which integrate with WHM/cPanel:


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I tried they look too much complexed. Is there any simple script which can just make invoices and then email on expiry. WHM is very big company why they didn't include this feature –  John Dec 16 '09 at 2:26
@Master: maybe becsause they do server control panels and not accounting/billing applications. :) –  Marco Demaio Aug 19 '10 at 12:57

Boxbilling is free or there is a pro version that offers some additional features. I was a WHMCS user but it was more than I needed. Boxbilling does everything I needed from WHMCS but is so much simpler to use. It automatically creates the WHM accounts when the client pays and sends reminders and invoices when they are due. I'm new to Boxbilling but so far I really like it. http://www.boxbilling.com/

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