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how can i make the default url of my website without the 'www'

if someone enter if would take him to

just like on

i use iis7 and windows server 2008

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You will need to set up two separate website entries in IIS, one for www and one without. Under the directories tab, you will redirect (permanent) the www site to the URL without the www.

similar questions have been asked and answered here.

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This is normally done via redirection

Most commonly the www dns entry is just a CNAME to the domain entry - although this doesn't necessarily need to be true, just a web server to redirect the request needs to be listening on that IP

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First, go to the DNS manager on your server and find your Forward Lookup Zone and from the context menu, add a new Host (A or AAAA).... Leave the first box (host name) blank, but be sure to add the correct ipaddress for the binding. Click "Okay".

Now, open up IIS7. Find your website in the list of "Sites" for your webserver. Right-click on it and select Edit Bindings.... When the "Site Bindings" dialogue appears, click on Add.... Now, select your IP address and port, but in the Host Name box, put the name of your website WITHOUT the www at the front. Click Okay!

That's it! Now, open up IE and browse to

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