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When you're adding another IP address to and IIS server, what naming standards do you use for the A records?

Background: I've a bunch of sites on an IIS server which use (CNAME'd) host-headers and a single IP address. Server names (and A records) adhere to unfriendly (as in difficult-to-remember) naming standards whereas CNAMEs, and therefore host-headers, can be friendly. Now I've a need for several SSL certificates for different sites. I was thinking about using an additional IP address for each to-be-SSL'd site but still using friendly CNAMEs. So then I come to what to call the A record.

What do you do?

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have you considered getting a multi-domain cert, and hosting several sites on the same IP? –  Chris S Jun 13 '10 at 23:07

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I would use the "friendly" name for the secondary A Records as they are refering to the website and can be classed in with your thinking for CNAMEs. The "unfriendly" would be the primary IP of the server and how it should be referred to in documentation and the like

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