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Just Like we have books available in market for Websites building where all the necessary techniques like php javascript css are applied to one BIG website project.

So that we can know how those features are practically applied and in the Full Website code is also given in the book which makes clear how the features of different languages are use din practical world.

Is there any Book which will have the case studies like how the whole network or all features in a university or company is build using all window server technologies

Like Active Directory is used for this

DHCP is user for that

Then printers are added and so on . . .. ... ..

so that rather than searching for each feature and think how it can be applied, Is there an example which explains this was the tasks and we performed this way using these features in windows server 2008

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I haven't seen anything like that anytime recently... I think the general expectation is that the skills you mention are pretty foundational for a Windows administrator these days.

That said, a few years ago the Solution Accelerator team at Microsoft built and documented reference Small Business and Medium business architectures, which include everything from soup to nuts (including DHCP, Active Directory, security, etc). They are actually a pretty good read:

The guides cover Windows Server 2003 (so they won't discuss the new features of Windows Server 2008), but they'll get you up and running. For that matter, pretty much everything on the Solution Accelerator site is good reading (or is a useful tool). I would especially recommend reading through the Microsoft Operations Framework, which covers a lot of great information on effectively implementing and managing reliable solutions that map to business needs.

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Thanks for those links , they were really good –  John Dec 17 '09 at 5:22

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