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I'm looking for suggestions on mailing list software to use on an existing server running Postfix/Procmail. Something relatively simple.


  • 1 list, < 50 subscribers
  • list members dumped in a certain file by a script (being pulled from LDAP or MySQL on another box)
  • Handles MIME, images, etc.
  • Moderation features
  • No subscription/unsubscription - just goes by the file or database.

Mailman is far too heavy-weight, and doesn't seem to play (easily) with Postfix/Procmail.

I'm currently using a PHP script that just receives mail as a user, reads a list of members from a serialized array (file dumped on box via cron on the machine with the MySQL database containing members) and re-mails it to everyone. Unfortunately, we now need moderation capabilities, and I don't quite feel like adding that to the PHP script if there's already something out there that does it.

Thanks for any tips. -Jason

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I ended up just hacking together moderation features for my PHP script. –  Jason Antman Dec 21 '09 at 13:32

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Procmail isn't relevent here, ignore it exists.

I'd look at Sympa. While more complex then mailman it has in built DB support, and web based moderation.

Every decent MLM out there works fine on postfix, for example this is mailman's doc.

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I'm using Procmail as my local MDA. In looking for something "simple", I was hoping to find something that just receives mail as any other user would, and pipes it to a script... –  Jason Antman Dec 17 '09 at 17:13

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