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Everything I've read and heard tells me that I should be able to perform an upgrade from Windows 2000 Pro to Windows XP Pro instead of a clean install. One blogger went as far as to say that there are only a few files that are different between the two OS's, although I highly doubt that.

So why when I put in my Win XP Pro install CD did it tell me that it cannot upgrade from Win 2K pro to Win XP pro? I also tried booting from the XP pro install CD and it didn't even have any options for upgrading.

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You won't have a option to upgrade booting from the disk. Only from within your Windows 2000 install. If you don't have that option, the I suspect Peter is right. – Jack B Nimble May 18 '09 at 17:40
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Is it an OEM disk? I believe they are handicapped and cannot be used for upgrades.

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Yes, I guess it is an OEM disk. Darn. I was hoping I could upgrade. – Kurt W. Leucht May 19 '09 at 2:26
If you can get your hands on a VLK disc, do the upgrade, then use a tool called Role Switcher to change it to the appropriate license you have; I'm not sure of the 'legalities' of this, but it is a potential solution :) – oldSkool-Soldier Aug 24 '09 at 6:41

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