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Trying to do a test with development virtuals and need to move the databases to a dedicated DB server (they are currently located on the development virtuals).

As part of the move I need to rename the databases.

Is there an easy way to rename the SharePoint databases.

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That's not officially supported. There's a KB article about the supported database changes. You can use PSConfig to do it, but it's not what I would call easy.

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Brent's right in that you don't want to go mucking about with the SharePoint databases, especially on a production system. If you do want to rename the databases on a non-production system (knowing that you may not be able to get support directly from Microsoft if you do so), I have put up a step-by-step here:

If your real question is how to move the databases to a separate SQL server, the steps are documented on TechNet here:

Move All Databases: Move Content Databases:


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