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I've added a DHCP Server to my ISA Server. The purpose of the DHCP server is to provide addresses to a DMZ (on its own interface) for misc computers that need internet access but don't need to be part of the domain (internal) network. I believe I've setup the DHCP server correctly and I've created the correct rules in the ISA server, However I can't get an address from the DMZ :/

I can ping computers on the DMZ just fine and if I manually assign the addresses they can access the internet without a problem.

What steps should I take to troubleshoot this problem?

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You don't mention your version of ISA, but I assume you've gone through a procedure like this one to add the necessary rules.

Personally, I'd use a combination of a sniffer on a client computer (like, say, Wireshark) and the "Logging" tab in the "Monitoring" node on the ISA server to watch the wire and see what's going on.

I suspect that you'll find that some part of the DHCP traffic isn't being allowed.

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Yep, reply's weren't making it through. Stupid error. –  TheDeeno Dec 18 '09 at 16:38
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