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It is all over the news today that Twitter was hacked by a DNS redirection/hijacking.

My question is, what tools or techniques do you guys use to monitor your DNS/whois and detect this kind of attacks?

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I run the Sucuri monitor (free) and it alerts me whenever the DNS/Whois is changed.

I have been monitoring twitter, facebook and other big sites for a while and that's the alert I got:

Sucuri nbim: twitter.com DNS modified

Modifications: 3a4
< twitter.com has address
< twitter.com has address
> twitter.com has address

--- This alert was generated by the Sucuri Network Integrity Monitor. Log in to your dashboard at http://sucuri.net.

But this is just a first line of defense/visibility to react faster. If you host your own DNS, you could do a FIM (file integrity monitor) to detect changes on it...

*posting what I do in here, to do not affect other answers. Plus, for the means of full-disclosure, I wrote the sucuri monitor :)

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while asking and answering your own question is explicitly allowed, I think you should have waited a day or two for actual responses in this case. –  Jeff Atwood Dec 19 '09 at 11:02

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