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I use Windows XP on my Server and Client Machines

On the Server, I install Wamp5 1.7.3

This software installs phpMyAdmin 2.11.0

I want to use this phpMyAdmin from my Client Machines.

What should I do?

If you need any more information please inform me.

I need this solution very urgently.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Start all the services

  • Put them Online

  • Then, from a client just browse to the server machine. On that page
    there is a link to the phpMyAdmin. Use the IP or hostname, if it has one.

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The client Machine shows that You are not authorized to view this page. HTTP Error 404 (Forbidden) – Tareq Dec 31 '09 at 4:21
Did you switch it to online? – Alex Jan 1 '10 at 2:01
Also, 404 is that it doesn't exist... 403 is forbidden. Which is it? – Alex Jan 1 '10 at 2:03
sorry. typo mistake. that was 403. Yes the server is online from the lower bottom of the context menu. the problem exists. – Tareq Jan 3 '10 at 8:50
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I found the solution. Please add a user with the access privilege in phpMyAdmin and you can access your phpmyAdmin from the clients.

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