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I have about 3 knows email addresses in my domain, which don't exist and to which a lot of spam is sent. Some of this spam is pretty heavy, and I'm wasting a lot of traffic on it, so I don't want to even receive emails if their destination is one of those 3 addresses. Since I know that the users don't exist I would like postfix to reject emails during RCPT TO: negotiation. Basically, all I want is to update some config with those 3 addresses, and every email sent to them must fail to come in.

I want to stress out following:

  • postfix works as a relay for domain, there is no local users
  • postfix has no knowledge about validity of other emails within domain, so it cannot simply reject unknown recipients
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Take a look at access(5), and the check_recipient_access value for smtpd_recipient_restrictions.

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So, are your mail server accepting emails for every kind of users for your domain? There's no address verification before accepting emails? Then, as womble suggested, put some checks on your server. You can read this one:

And maybe give a look at the book "The Book Of Postfix" (it's anyway a good reading)

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