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I have a site which uses the following structure,

When people link to my site some cms's remove the trailing slash and turn it into,

both URL's refer to the same content, my question is is this considered duplicate content should i do a 301 redirect to the top url?

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Google generally looks at these pages as different pages, although it's my understanding that Google is working on better assuring whether they are or are not the same content.

For now, a re-direct isn't a bad idea. Want to test for yourself? Browse around like one guy did you and you'll see different page ranks on for different trailing slash/no-trailing slash combos.

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Set up both a URLs with a slash and without slash for the same page has duplicate content outcomes. You need redirects to trailing slash URLs.

Refer Google gudlines -

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It would be a good idea to mention the technical reason for why redirecting to the version with a slash is a good idea. Many servers redirect by default because that is necessary in order to make relative links behave correctly. If has relative links, then serving that index.html on will work because relative links are interpreted the same when used on and, but a relative link on would be interpreted differently. – kasperd Mar 5 '15 at 13:36

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