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I am bringing up an image directly through firefox (no PHP or other scripting code) and it appears that Apache is returning either a truncated image or a corrupted image.

I get the top 5-10% of the image. It appears that I get complete width and height info.

If I hit "refresh" (in firefox) I get about 5 more lines of the image. And if I hit refresh again I get another 5 lines.

In IE I get the same initial 5-10% of the top of the file. But refresh does not give me any more.

Bringing the image up across the network through a mapped-drive reveals the entire image. (so the image(s) itself seems to be okay).

(If I point firefox to the image via mapped-drive rather than through Apache firefox brings the image up just fine. So it does seem to be Apache at issue)

Any ideas?

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What operating system is this on ? Is the file you are serving local to the server apache runs on, or is it also accessed over the network ?

You could try the following directives in your Apache httpd configuration file to see whether it is due to problems using the sendfile-systemcall or MMAPing :

EnableSendfile Off
EnableMMAP Off

( has more information on those)

I have seen those two be the culprits before, though only if there was something funky going on with the storage subsystem. It is usually a bad idea to disable these, since it eats into performance.

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