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I really do not know what I am missing here. I ordered parts for a new server. The board is an Intel s3420GP. From the diagnostic LEDs I get the error message: 0xB1h which corresponds to "Fixed Media: Disabling fixed media" and 0xB8h which corresponds to "Removable Media: Resetting removable media device."

I can not for the life of me figure out what it is talking about. I have two identical motherboards and both gave the error message. I don't have a second CPU yet, so I can't test that. There are no beeps or anything. It seems the server resets every 10 seconds or so (the speaker does work, I put the RAM in the wrong slots on purpose to test this out, and the correct error POST code came up)

Please help me, I'm not sure where else to turn or to ask

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I had the same problem too, for me it was the RAM I was using. I had to buy a certain kind. I don't recall exactly which kind I had to get, Newegg doesn't seem to have the board listed anymore, and the memory spec that I used was there. It needs to be ECC and Registered

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