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I have an application developed by a third party which is written in VB.

It's a 32bit application and the missing DLL's are olepro32.dll and ieshims.dll

Where do I obtain these from? I want to download direct from Microsoft NOT a third party.

Using dependancywalker I have managed to sort some of the missing files. Putting c:\windows\syswow64 in the path helped for olepro32.dll. I found a copy of ieshims.dll on the system and copied that to the application path. Now dependancy walker is showing:

Error: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in an implicitly dependent module. Error: Modules with different CPU types were found. Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module.

Now what? I see a long list of modules with a mixture of x64 listed in red and x86 showing black

Solved. It was caused by Data Execution Prevention.

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Which version of VB, and what OS are you trying to run the application on? The VB6 runtime (supporting files for running VB 6 applications) are included in Windows Vista and 7 (and probably earlier), and you can download them here:

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Thanks I found that earlier, but it didn't fully resolve the problem. I'm trying to run the app under windows server 2008 R2 – Matt Dec 21 '09 at 23:39
Not sure which version of VB but I think it might be VB6 – Matt Dec 21 '09 at 23:40

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