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Based on the info using sp_spaceused

rows           reserved    data         index_size  unused

7703020     497944 KB	497968 KB	  16 KB	      -40 KB

I create an noncluster index with a column of numeric(18, 0) that is 9 bytes in size; then the index_size turns into 153064 KB.

How is the # calculated?


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That looks like you don't have ANY indexes on that table, at all, for the index size to only be 16kb.

After creating your index, each row is consuming a tad over 20 bytes in index space. For 7.7 million rows that seems fairly normal.

For detailed information on how to estimate the index size, see this article here.

Man, I would hate to be running any queries over almost 8 million rows with no indexes...

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Hi, thanks. I just simplify the question for ease of discussion. – user25414 Dec 22 '09 at 3:53

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