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I've got an Intel linux cluster with IPMI interfaces on the nodes. Lately, the IPMI interfaces have been acting flaky. For example, I can no longer use IPMI commands to get the nodes to PXE boot, and rebooting them via IPMI works sometimes but not always.

I recently discovered that you can test the chassis and BMC with ipmitool, and this was the output:

# ipmitool chassis selftest
Self Test Results    : device error
                       [FRU Internal Use Area corrupted]

# ipmitool bmc selftest
Selftest: device corrupted
Internal Use Area corrupted

It looks like something has gone wrong. Is there any way to restore the IPMI interfaces to their original state? (Note that I don't know what the specific IPMI hardware is here, or how to query them to find out).

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Reflashing the firmware/BIOS might help... or hard power cycling the machine - unplugging it completely.

What type of machines are they?

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They are Penguin Relion 2612 servers. Tried to unplug completely, but problem wasn't resolved. – Lorin Hochstein Jan 5 '10 at 14:30
Ah, sorry... never used Penguin hardware :( – James Jan 5 '10 at 21:41

I would first try to verify this on other machines of the same type - it's quite possible that all of your systems of the same type have some sort of ipmi oddity that ipmitool is failing to deal with correctly.

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Out of ten nodes, it works on two of them, fails on eight. It used to work, but started to fail a few months ago, and I don't htink there was a software change. – Lorin Hochstein Jan 5 '10 at 14:28

Running ipmitool reset warm or ipmitool reset cold can sometimes help.

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