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I want to replace text string in any type file(for example perl,cgi,text,binary,js and ...) in multiple folder in linux.

How do i do?


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You will need to provide a little more background information before your requirements are really clear. For example, do you want to do this text replacement in a script, or would an editor be OK? Since the example files can all be classified as text or binary, do you need a method which works with text and binary? What have you tried, so far? – pavium Dec 23 '09 at 8:52
I want to replace test string at about 500 files so i need script. I need a method which works with text, binary, perl, cgi and ... Tank's for answer – M.Rezaei Dec 23 '09 at 10:23

The problem with editing binary files is that they are often laid out in a particular format with the position of particular bytes having significance. So trying to automate that can be very difficult and should probably be done with a tool that understands the format of the file.

The following Bash script can be used to edit text files:

while read -r file
    tempfile=$(tempfile) || tempfile=$(mktemp) || { tempfile="/tmp/tmpfile.$$" && touch "$tempfile"; } &&
    sed 's/original text/new text/g' "$file" > "$tempfile" &&
    mv "$tempfile" "$file"
    } || echo "Edit failed for $file"
done < <(find . -type f)

or change the second and last lines to:

find . -type f | while



If your version of sed can do in-place editing, then you can eliminate the creation of temporary files (everything between do and done above) and use this sed command inside the loop instead:

sed -i 's/original text/new text/g' "$file"
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