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I am trying to get my tiger clients to bind to an open directory server on leopard.

I am able to bind the computer to the directory and when I look in Workgroup Manager the computer shows up correctly but none of the settings show up on the client. If I attempt to unbind the client from Directory Access on the client it removes but the client pops up a message that it "Could not contact the LDAP server to unbind. Would you like to forcibly remove this configuration?".

I am able to get leopard clients to bind successfully and pull down their settings (OD servers themselves are pulling login window changes).

If (while bound) I use dscl and attempt to cd into the OD I receive a message that the path is invalid.

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When I ran into this problem a couple of weeks ago, the Tiger computer was bound to the Leopard directory server by IP address, and, as you said, when I cded into the appropriate LDAP subfolder using dscl, I got an error message -- most likely an invalid directory. I forcibly unbound and rebound the computer using a DNS name instead of an IP. [Why this makes any sense is beyond me.] I could then cd into the directory using dscl, but the computer was still not allowing network users to log in.

I found the answer to that problem in this thread

Basically, I needed to edit /etc/hostconfig and change



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