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I don't know how to detect if qmail has been hijacked

I looked and saw a bunch of

Dec 23 14:10:57 qmail: 1261606257.101924 starting delivery 36: msg 8423008 to remote Dec 23 14:10:57 qmail: 1261606257.630379 starting delivery 22: msg 8421857 to remote

load is at 20 think spammer is sending mail through the server?

What can I do to try and stop it, or read the mail to see where its coming from? If its a php form or pop account.

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What kind of logging is available? SMTP logging? MTA logging? Have you run the equivalant of netstat to look at current network connections? – joeqwerty Dec 24 '09 at 0:16


or better


will be the starting point.

Then locate a SPAM message ID and search for a file with that name in /var/qmail/queue (find /var/qmail/queue -iname ).

Find common characteristic to all SPAM (say IP/Subject, From, Auth information etc.) and use qmHandle to remove emails from queue and take steps to make sure that SPAM stop coming.

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