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I have a support issue with an Exchange 2003 SP2 server.

Event ID: 9337 Description: OALGen did not find any recipients in address list '\Global Address List'. This offline address list will not be generated. - Default Offline Address List

When you preview the Global Address list within Exchange Systems Manager all is fine. Turning off cached mode on Outllok clients still errors

  • Public fiolders / System folders are fine
  • OABINTEG detects no issues, Pfdavadmin has checked all DACL
  • The GAL and OAB have been deleted / recreated several times (With differnt names)
  • DCDIAG, NETDIAG, ExchangeBPA all run without error

Exhausted Google links diagnosing this issue, any suggestions?

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Basically, Exchange has run into problems building the Offline Address Book for the Global Address List. Maybe this will help:

If you set diagnostic logging on the Exchange server for the MSExchangeSA\OAL Generator to maximum you should get more in depth Events logged which may help determine what the problem is.

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