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I just setup a new Mac OS X Server, named it myserver.local. I have a couple websites that I'm running from it as a webserver and am trying to access the server as such: http://pilotserver.local/index.php

This generally seems to work but resolving the address is taking forever. I could easily type in the IP address and it resolves instantly but it's much neater if I use the local address.

Any recommendations? Changing the .host file isn't an option either.


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Install Bonjour on all the windows and linux machines... (on Linux sometimes called ZeroConf/MDNSResolver)
Mac clients should resolve it quick enough, don't they?

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Agree with that, .local names should be resolved using Bonjour, no need for DNS or hosts files. – Marie Fischer Dec 28 '09 at 16:53

If this is one or two hosts that won't be accessed from anywhere else, use /etc/hosts

You could setup a local nameserver on the machine, but it sounds overkill unless you want to learn about DNS.



w.x.y.z pilotserver.local

Then you can use Named Virtual Hosts on Apache with the ServerName set to pilotserver.local

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I'll assume you mean the same machine with pilotserver.local and myserver.local. In case you do, having your server set either as a dns-server using resolv.conf or as a static dns entry using hosts, it shouldn't be a problem.

Maybe you have to check whether your server software is the reason for the delay or it's actually the name resolving part. I once had a problem similar to this one, and it was caused by a misconfigured dns server on the server side, so maybe thats a point worth checking.

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So I added pilotserver.local to the resolv.conf with on the server side. I noticed that there are some other nameservers listed there. Looks good. The question is do I have to restart or something to get it listening in on it now? I doubt it's the server itself when I can use other commands like afp://pilotserver.local - they work instantly. Just seems to be an HTTP issue... – David Dec 26 '09 at 17:16

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