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I'm in the process of trying to move a ViewVC setup (along with Subversion repositories) from one server to another.

I have already created an empty "ViewVC" MySQL database and a database user to access it.

The command

/usr/lib/viewvc/svndbadmin -v rebuild /path/to/repo

still fails, apparently because the the database is not initialised properly (I was hoping "rebuild" would do that for me).

According to the INSTALL file, one should probably use the <VIEWVC_INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/bin/make-database script for this. However, the Debian ViewVC packages do not contain such a file! These are the packages I have installed:

$  dpkg -l|grep viewvc
ii  viewvc                1.0.5-0.2  view CVS/SVN repositories via HTTP
ii  viewvc-query          1.0.5-0.2  utility to query CVS commit database

My question is, how are you actually supposed to set up a ViewVC commit database on Debian? Google and ViewVC FAQ didn't seem very helpful with this, so I thought I'd give Server Fault a shot.

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Ah, /usr/lib/viewvc/make-database script is included, in the viewvc-query package. Silly of me to miss that one (or I'm just too tired today).

So it's a simple matter of:

 sudo /usr/lib/viewvc/make-database

...which will prompt you for MySQL username, password and database name. (Note that this clears all commit data if a ViewVC database with that name already existed.)

After this, sudo /usr/lib/viewvc/svndbadmin -v rebuild /path/to/repo works nicely.

Thanks and sorry.

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