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I have recently installed wordpress but i would like to configure extensionless URLs .. I am using IIS7 but on a shared server.

I presume i cna add something to web.config file??

I am little bit confused, in IIS7 and mvc it is done via code... but in PHP i don't think it is .... so the only alternative is to use a re-write module but i can't as I am on a shared server and can't install ISAPI stuff..

so I was wondering if there is a way to do the mapping i.e. when going to testme it would actually load testme.php

Any advise really appreciated


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I don't use Windows hosting myself, but this guy seems to have given the answer to your question:

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This depends. You can use the URL Rewriter and it isn't ISAPI. It is executed in the integrated pipeline in the BeginRequest event. Your shared hosting provider may allow you to use the URL rewriting module. If they have, then you can add the following to your web.config under the node:

You can find more detailed information on Ruslan's blog here:

If you don't have access to this you can use any number of additional modules, assuming you have the authority to add one to the section. I would add additional links but because I'm new and my reputation on this site isn't up yet, I can't give you additional links.

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