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We have a NLB cluster set up for our public web servers. I'm trying to stop the "localhost" in the cluster from the command line using NLB.EXE. When I write "nbl stop" it seems that all nodes are stopped but I only want the local node (the server I'm running the command prompt on) to be stopped in the cluster.

When I try specifying the node using the command "nlb stop" it fails, saying "Did not receive response from the cluster".

Am I not specifying the cluster and the host correctly?

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Nodes must be part of the cluster already. "nlb start" and "nlb stop" will make the node become and active member of the cluster or an inactive member. "nlb start <shared_cluster_ip>:<nlb_adaptor_interface>" eg: nlb start will start a particular node within that cluster.

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The guide at explains that simply "nlb stop" will stop all NLB functions on the localhost.

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