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I am looking for an affordable and simple online backup solution for our server's data. It is a simple file server running windows 7, however all of the data is on an external usb Drobo.

I was hoping to use the Carbonite backup solution, but they do not support external har drives.

Can somebody recommend an online backup service similar to carbonite (in simplicity and price) that will back up our USB drobo?

Thank you

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Title says 'Offsite backup' but the body of the question says 'online' twice. – pavium Dec 30 '09 at 23:45
Well, I guess an online backup IS off-site... – Mark Henderson Dec 31 '09 at 9:14
Depends on what is meant by online in this context. – John Gardeniers Dec 31 '09 at 9:16
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Jungle Disk may work for you. Jungle Disk was only the backup software and you had to get an Amazon S3 account and pay for storage and bandwidth. Now I see they have a Business and Personal editions and I'm not sure about all the features and costs of their Business version. Home version had the same external drive limitation. I had thought their Pro version allowed it, but I couldn't find out either way on their site. I did find a way around the external drive limitation by using iSCSI to mount the drive as a local drive, but that isn't something I would recommend for work unless there is no other way.

Hope this helps.

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+1 was in the middle of writing up a similar answer. – 3dinfluence Dec 31 '09 at 2:56

I have not used it, but Backblaze seems to support External USB drives.

They note that they do not backup network drives or non local drives, due to obvious abuse potential. But at $5/month for unlimited storage(With a free trial), that should be more than adequate.

I have not used Backblaze yet, but I would like to.

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Edited: I just realize that you asked this question for a server. I believe that all of the services mentioned (including carbonite) are targeted for home/consumer usage, NOT professional/server use. I don't know which of these software specifically prevents installing on a server OS, but it does go against there terms of service. If you are trying to backup a work machine, you are generally going to be paying per GB.... sorry.

There are a number of backup solutions available that are similar to Carbonite ($55/year or $4.59/month for unlimited online backup)

Mozy is probably their most similar competitor. Also unlimited data, that does support USB hard drives (as long as they are marked as "fixed". See Price is $4.95/month

CrashPlan is a service that I personally like. It has more options, so it can be slightly more difficult to setup, but its certainly not hard. They also allow for simultaneous backup to a local disk for free. They offer unlimited online backup for $54/year or $4.50/month (if you pay for 3years it goes down to $3.47/month)

As minamhere mentioned: Backblaze also offers an unlimited backup for $5/month and appears to support external USB disks.

share|improve this answer will do external usb drives, as long as you choose it in your backup config as a drive to backup. and they have a 30 day trial for upto 100GB of backup capacity.

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