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If I have a 2.0gHz Woodcrest 5130 Xeon and a 1.6gHz Woodcrest 5110 Xeon, can I put them both on the same motherboard?

The machine in question is a PowerEdge 2950.

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Bad idea, not the worst, that was Britney Spear's shaven head, but not far off.

Seriously though, terrible idea - most mobos won't even try to start the second processor, some not even the first one.

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Sweet. Thanks for the analogy. –  snicker Dec 31 '09 at 0:27

5110 has FSB 1066mhz while 5130 1333mhz so in this case - not possible. What about the same FSB/voltage, I don't know but I would never try :)

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