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I have a Trac instance running on a WindowsXP machine with XAMPP. I am trying to migrate the trac instance to a newer Linux-based machine. However, I'm having a hard time getting the database to cooperate.

I try to dump the db with this command:

sqlite3 C:\tracroot\db\trac.db ".dump" >> mysqldump.sql

But the generated file is mostly empty:


So that's not right. For the record my trac instance is running now and appears to have full access to all the contents of the DB. But sqlite3 (located in C:\xampp\apache\bin) can't seem to get any information from the file. The DB file itself has the header "SQLite format 3", so that seems to be correct.

I need to know one of two things:

  • How to get this dump working OR
  • An alternate way to migrate the Trac database to the new machine.

Update: When I try to open the .db file in sqlite3, I get the error Error: unsupported file format. What format is it in, and why is it unsupported?

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My sqlite3 binary was apparently an older version and was backwards-incompatible with the version of the DB used by trac. I updated to the newer sqlite3 binary and all was well.

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apparently there are migration procedures to go through.

have you had a chance to look through

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Are you sure you're currently using sqlite as your backend database? (Check your trac.ini for the [trac] database = sqlite:db/trac.db line.) It may be that the db/trac.db you have is leftover from an initial setup, but the data is actually stored in another database.

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