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i have a text file that contains a list of urls for files of my word

for example :



how can i batch download all files to a folder automatically from linux shell command

thanks for help

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From man wget:

You have a file that contains the URLs you want to download? Use the -i switch:

wget -i <file>

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You could also use xargs:

$ cat /path/to/list | xargs -n1 wget 

or, using seq to download file1.zip to file10.zip:

$ seq 1 10 | xargs -n1 -i wget http://domain.com/file{}.zip

[edit] or, as another poster pointed out: $ wget domain.com/file{1..10}.zip

which is nicer than the seq method, given that certain OSes don't have seq by default (Mac OS X, Solaris)

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for i in `cat /file/list`


    wget $i


(those are back ticks in the "cat /file/list" (on the same key as the tilda)

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This command downloads file1.zip to file10.zip:

for i in $(seq 1 10);  do wget -nv http://domain.com/file${i}.zip ; done
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if they were sequential, you could just do wget domain.com/file{1..10}.zip curl also has good support for file ranged, but I always forget the syntax. –  Justin Jan 2 '10 at 19:23

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