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I just put in a new network adapter card into my laptop and would like to know if it is being used. How can I tell?

I'm running Vista.

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Open up the Task Manager, go to the Networking tab, and you can see which adapters are being utilized.

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You can identify the adapter by MAC address (Physical Address) using the ipconfig /all command.

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Have you tried an ipconfig in a windows command prompt (cmd.exe) ?

Also, when you open the connection status (right clic on your connection, then status), you will see how much paquet were sent and received.

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The easiest way I can think of is to go into Network Connections on the control panel and turn off all the other cards, then check if you can still access the internet.

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Thanks, ipconfig, d'oh!

I then went to Control Panel > Network Connections. Then I was able to disable my internal wireless card that was still being used and enable the external one.

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