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As I updated opensuse 11.1 with update packages from october and november 2009, I couldnt use the command ping. For root it gives Permission denied and for a regular user I get cannot open shared object file: Permission denied.

The other coulprit besides the update could be the instalation of google-chrome (.deb file to .rpm, some symbolic links for libs to make chrome work).

When the system rebooted, X server also became blank. Before the reboot it worked, as did chrome, but the ping command didnt work even before the reboot.

Any ideas? I ran some sort of disk check from a rescue CD, libresolv seems as other libs, root has uid=0 ...

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Please provide output of two commands: strace ping; ls -al /usr/lib/libresolv* (or wherever it is) – kubanczyk Jan 3 '10 at 18:54

Thanks for feedback, but I have fixed the issue with glibc packet update. Seems the lib got corrupted or something.

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libresolv is part of glibc, and had probably bad permission settings. The glibc upgrade overwrote the libresolv and fixed its permissions as well. – peterh Dec 20 '14 at 16:38

have you checked wether selinux is active or not? perhaps there went something wrong. try to start with selinux=0 on your grub/lilo commandline.

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