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I need to reload some files for ruby on my server, how do i restart ruby as it isnt a daemon?

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If something isn't running continually, then when it next starts it will read the new files. My crystal ball suggests you're actually referring to a Passenger instance; that is a daemon, but it's one that is "slaved" to Apache. If you restart Apache, that should do the trick, however Rails (and Passenger) is supposed to have some sort of auto-reloading shenanigan going on, but I guess that isn't working (or you're missing something).

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I had to edit one of the ruby "source" files, essentially i need to kill all instances of ruby so that one the files can be reloaded in RAM, i might just reboot the server probabbly the fastest solution – Arcath Jan 3 '10 at 10:37
*facepalm*... – womble Jan 3 '10 at 10:40

Restart Rails application under Passenger:

touch /path/to/your/app/tmp/restart.txt

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