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How do you add a site to the Internet Explorer Trusted Zones through GPO in server 2003?

If you do push a site through a GPO does it erase other Trusted Sites that may have been entered on the end users computer?

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This does clear all the users prevoiusly added sites to ALL their securitys lists.

  1. Open Group Policy Manager
  2. Create New GPO and Link it.
  3. Edit GPO.
  4. Browse to User Config -> Admin Temp -> Windows Components -> Internet Explorer -> Internet Control Panel -> Security Page
  5. Open "Site to Zone Assignment List"
  6. Enable it
  7. Click Show and add your site name and the value 2 for the Trusted Zones list


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To set a trusted site, in Group Policy editor: Navigate to
User Config\Admin Templates\Windows Components\Internet Control Panel\Security Page\

Policy: Site to Zone Assignment List

Any site you add to the list with a value to 2, will be in the trusted sites zone.

I think it will merge with existing sites if you have not locked down the zone

see Internet Explorer security zones registry entries for advanced users

and Group Policy and Internet Explorer 8

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Thank you... I was typing my answer and didnt see yours. – Keith Sirmons Jan 4 '10 at 3:41

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