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I've had an IIS 7.5 server running for about a month, but I suddenly noticed that FTP seems to hang. This is best demonstrated in the DOS ftp client.

C:\Documents and Settings\jhoge>ftp FTPSite.com
Connected to FTPSite.com.
220 Microsoft FTP Service
User (FTPSite.com:(none)): UserName
331 Password required for UserName.
230 User logged in.
ftp> dir
[...server hangs here for about a minute ...]
Connection closed by remote host.
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i've seen that kind of thing before. hmm. I would download Wireshark and trace the port 21 traffic to get better info on what is happening. Personally, I prefer to use NULL FTP Server because I prefer a SFTP (port 22) server over a FTP or FTPS server.

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