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After migrating to a new server many of our application files seem to be displaying as text/plain instead of executing, though sometimes they will seem to "partially" execute if we refresh the page.

So far, we have followed the steps described in Microsoft KB#325093 regarding unexpected behavior from IIS, but the issue has not been solved. We have also ensured that the directories themselves have permission to execute scripts and executables, and that ASPX files are being interpreted by aspnet_isapi.dll.

Any ideas what else could be going wrong?

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I guess also, the version of IIS might help in that the steps or solutions can be different between iis7,iis6,ii5 etc – davidsleeps Jan 5 '10 at 2:45
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Have you made sure that the ASP.Net Vx.x...etc extensions are "allowed" in the Web Service Extension configuration of IIS Manager?

While you're checking that, make sure that the aspnet_isapi.dll is listed in the "Required Files" tab of the properties of the extension (for version 2 at least anyway)...

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If this is Windows Server 2008, check in "Roles" / "Web Server IIS" in Server Manager if all necessary modules are installed: ASP.NET etc.

The default Windows Server installation doesn't include ASP.NET.

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