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I am logging all our applications logs to /logs/, where all our applications have an seperate directory. I have made a custom logrotate file as follows:

/logs/*.log {



rotate 1




So this is catching all logfiles within /logs. But i want to leave some directories out of the rotation. Can I somehow exclude these directories? And what would be the best practice in this situation?

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The recommended location for log files is /var/log.

You can do some file globbing and multiple filespecs to specify what to include:

    log options

but it's better to create different files for each app and put them in /etc/logrotate.d and include only one or two filespecs in each that are associated in some way (e.g. app or function/purpose). Use the existing files in that directory as models.

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Use wildcards sparingly. If I were you, I'd specify the logfiles of each application separately.

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Short of doing evil glob syntax I don't think there's any obvious way.

The best way would be to switch to a conf file per app.

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You can use globbing to do this:

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