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I've got a Sun Storage 7000 that I'd like to backup/restore via the built-in NDMP service, since we've got an secondary SAN attached which is available via two 10GbE links to the primary storage I'd like to deploy it as a VTL solution. The secondary storage could easily be expanded with a SCSI HBA connected to a (small) 28 slot library providing two LTO4 drives. It seems that currently no FOSS backup app is able to be used as a NDMP VTL (with copy to physical tape) solution. Any low cost solutions?

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Have a look at ndmpjob. I have no direct experience with it but it looks like it does everything you'd want with NDMP.

And it's free, source included.

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ndmpjobseems to be way to basic for what I'd like to do. Just because I said it should be a low cost solution doesn't mean that I'm not ready to spend a few bucks here and there. – pfo Jan 5 '10 at 17:03
Well, a little script-foo here and there would make it usable. My direct experience is with netbackup, and that'll run you a bit more than free + time spent on scripting/testing. I'm not sure if there are any "low-cost" ndmp, only big $$$ and free. – chris Jan 5 '10 at 18:29

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