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Using Debian (Lenny) here all update to date and such and I'm looking to setup an IRC server (I've done it before)

Just wondering whats the easiest to setup. I'm looking for something thats also updated a lot and that has lots and lots of features :)


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This is pretty vague, can you be more specific about your needs? – meder omuraliev Jan 5 '10 at 17:13
Just was looking for something easy to setup. I've used Unreal IRCD and I think thats my only option with Anope services. – EpicDewd Jan 5 '10 at 17:39

Personally, I like InspIRCd which is easily modular and has API support. shows a comparison of features and a table of what services packages it supports.

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Looks like Unreal IRCD became InspIRCd.

IRCServices eventually became Anope that then became: atheme-services. See bug numbers: #424844 #646607

Hopefully by the time you read this I'll have some pkgs posted for atheme-services.

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...and The pkgs have been available for a while, in fact they have been updated at least once since I originally made them. – Mike Mestnik Jan 12 '15 at 9:15

That's pretty vague as said Meder but i would recommend Unreal IRCD.

EDIT: For the services i would consider using Anope

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We've been pretty happy with ircd-hybrid server and the hybserv services collection; it's relatively widely used and has some useful modules. It's also still under active development.

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"Looks like Unreal IRCD became InspIRCd."

No, Unreal IRCD is based mostly on DALnet's old archaic "Dream Forge" software, Inspircd is written from scratch in C++. Inspircd looks a lot like Unreal IRCd because Unreal IRCd is the widely used IRCd and imitation is still the highest form of flattery.

That said, Unrealircd or Inspircd are both "full of features". However, development as all but stopped on Inspircd and Unreal IRCd is still based on old archaic code.

ShadowIRCd, Charybdis and Nefarious are good modern solutions. Atheme services will run on all of them and is the latest "bees knees" software package as it rivals Anope (currently most popular services package.)

IRCd comparison/history:

IRC Services comparison/History:

Hope that helps

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